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Nicknamed the Gateway to the Rockies, Aurora is a pristine town situated opposite the mountains. Denver sits between the mountains and Aurora. However, the lovely suburb is no less beautiful. Aurora, Colorado has 335,000 residents and as the third largest city in the state is projected to outgrow The Mile High City. A young town, the average age of Aurora’s residents is right around thirty-three, less than the state’s average, which is forty-years old. Perhaps an explanation for the town’s youthful appearance is that, Aurora is home to the University of Colorado Hospital’s Anschutz Medical Campus. The campus houses both University of Colorado Denver’s health sciences and graduate schools, thus the youngish population. However, the city is full to the brim with young families in subdivisions strewn throughout. There is also a significant senior population. Aurora is a true all America-town and was chosen as such in 2008.

Interesting Facts

The National Civics League awarded Aurora, All America City status. The NCL awards only ten communities a year and according to its home website, the criteria for winning is based on a city’s success at development, all-inclusiveness, social involvement, & mix segment cooperation by outlining prosperous efforts to deal with demanding area challenges. One such challenge, which the town was able to meet and for which it was chosen as an All America City, was its commitment to the immigrant integration project. The city also has a strong commitment to education and bettering the community through educational programs. COMPASS, or Coalition of Many Providing After School Success, completes what its name implies. Aurora public schools and other institutions, provide tutoring after school in math, reading and science.

Aurora has proven its worth as an All-American City. Now, more than ever, it is evident that the town is deserving of the appellation, having survived the greatest challenge in its recent history. The suburb of Denver was named for the goddess Aurora of Roman mythology. Aurora rose each day in advance of the sun, announcing its arrival. A new and wretched day has dawned on the city of Aurora, Colorado and like the Roman goddess of the dawn; the picturesque town rises to meet its challenge.

After the national headlines due to the Aurora, Colorado shooting earlier this year (May 2013), the City is definitely still open for business. With more than three hundred pretty sunshine filled days, Aurora is a great place to recreate and is a culturally sound epicenter. One of the city’s cultural offerings is the annual Gateway to the Rockies Art Show. In it’s 19th year, the event is free to the public and takes place at the Aurora History Museum. Art displayed during the exhibit can be purchased by patrons.

The art exhibit is co-sponsored by the city of Aurora Cultural Services Division and the Aurora Artist guild. Of course this is just one of hundreds of opportunities available to visitors and residents, including ice-fishing, hiking, concerts, historic sites and more.

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